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Full-Service Factoring:

U.S. Financial provides full service international factoring including collection, credit protection services and trade purchase order financing. Rather than spending your time worrying about money for payroll, marketing or expansion we provide you with next day cash for your invoices so that you know precisely how much money you will have and when you will have it.

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The Factoring Process:

Your company provides the goods or services to the customer.

You e-mail us the invoice.

70-90% of the funds are wired to your account the next day.

We collect the invoices and wire the remaining funds to you less our small fee.

Personalized Cash Flow Program for Instant Cash

U.S. Financial can help your company enhance its global presence and ensure positive cash flow. We design custom cash flow programs for each individual client based on their needs. Your accounts receivable serve as collateral and we wire funds for new invoices on the day after we receive and verify them.   You can count on having immediate access to funds that can be used as you choose.

Credit and Monitoring

Take the stress and fear out of adding new customers.  While you work on growing your business we will act as your International Credit Department by monitoring the credit worthiness of new customers while also performing bookkeeping and collection activities for your invoices. We have the experience needed to help you grow your business at an exponential rate.

Non-Recourse Factoring

With non-recourse factoring we help mitigate the risk of non-payment by your customer due to insolvency.  Most factoring companies do not provide this.  With most companies if the invoice is not collected then the risk falls squarely back on you and you are expected to fund this loss.  We are able to offer non-recourse factoring because of our vast worldwide operations, our credit monitoring methods and utilizing credit insurance when needed.

Export Financing

U.S. Financial looks at the creditworthiness of your International Customer.  Once approved we will purchase your invoices and pay immediately upon the loading of your goods.  We can manage accounts receivables and even offer credit insurance to mitigate risk in case of non-payment for insolvency. Improve Your Eport services with factoring.

Import Financing

We operate worldwide and we can finance your imports by paying for your purchases and funding your seller.  We can also offer you credit protection against your customers who do not pay.  Together we can help take the risk out of Import Financing. Call a representative today to discuss how we can help you in ways you didn't know were possible with import financing.